About Us

Your future is our business!

We are a South African based company, with our offices in Fourways. Our goal at Uni-link is to empower students with knowledge to make informed decisions with regards to overseas universities and colleges. We seek to achieve this goal by using a hands on approach. We take our clients through every step of the application process. With our networks of, we are able to guide students through all the steps of studying overseas, from the application, to the airport pick up. The establishment of Uni-link ensures that students from Zimbabwe and South Africa have an opportunity to study at universities and or colleges overseas. At Uni-link you are guaranteed quality and professional services.


Uni-link assists students to study overseas by;

  • Making brochures and catalogues of overseas universities and colleges easily accessible to students
  • Assisting with the university application (and constant checking of progress of the application)
  • Assisting and coaching with the visa process
  • Guiding and advising students in choosing the career that suits them best

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